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Free PSD Kits for Metro & Flat UI Design





Microsoft has popularized the metro interface design with their mobile smartphone OS and the new release of Windows 8. Web designers have also picked up this trend in various layout elements such as headers, buttons, backgrounds, and hyperlinks.




This gallery includes a number of free metro flat PSD user interface kits. You can download and play with anything that catches your attention to create mockups of mobile apps or websites. Some kits are more focused on flat elements while others follow the metro design trend. But all of these kits should provide value to designers looking for new ideas in their work.


Flat UI Kit


basic flat user interface kit psd




Flat Blog PSD Kit


simple flat freebie psd ui kit




Flat PSD Freebie


purple clean website flat ui psd



Clean Website Elements


clean flat ui elements psd freebie




Flat Freebie PSD


simple flat website freebie psd graphics



Peach UI Kit

fresh freebie peach flat psd kit



Flat Design Components

flat design ui components psd



Purple UI Kit PSD


freebie purple user interface psd kit



Metro UI Kit

freebie psd metro user interface kit



Text Editor GUI PSD


flat retina windows word gui psd interface kit



Flat Desktop UI Kit

flat ui kit psd freebie download



Flatastic Mobile UI Kit

flat flatastic user interface kit psd freebie


Dark UI PSD Kit


dark freebie psd ui kit download components



Blog/Magazine UI Kit


blog magazine psd freebie ui kit




Metro Tiles UI Kit PSD

six revisions freebie ui kit psd metro tiles




Metro UI Kit


freebie psd metro ui kit download



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